It turns out Buffalo isn’t just known for its chicken wings. The chef here, who started out at a casino on the Strip before breaking out on his own, was born and raised in upstate New York, and he’s introduced Las Vegas to his regional pie, made in rectangular pans like Sicilian-style, but with a thinner crust. Yes, you can order it by the slice (which are pretty sizeable on their own), but a slice of cheese can be had anywhere on the Strip. What you’re going for at Naked City are the specialty pizzas, like the Stinger, topped with chicken fingers, steak, mozzarella and cheddar and bleu cheese, plus sweet and hot peppers. Or the Fat Boy, a red sauce meat-lover’s dream with salami, pepperoni, ham and Italian sausage. And if you’re going big, you should also know they come in three sizes: Wee, Not So Wee, and Frickin’ Huge (translated from Buffalo, NY parlance, that’s a quarter sheet pan, half a sheet pan, and a full sheet pan, respectively). And yes, they’ve got chicken wings, too.