Though the steakhouse is a mainstay of Las Vegas dining, New York has been doing steak waaaay longer. Case in point: Old Homestead, which opened in 1868 in the Big Apple. When Old Homestead finally made it out West, they knew they didn’t have to mess with what’s been working for the past 150 years. The same giant steaks, direct from famed butcher Pat LaFrieda, are all here: the New York Strip, a porterhouse for two, and even the Gotham rib eye, a cut so big that the bone that remains in it makes you feel like Fred Flintstone. Homestead does well by veggies, too, especially the Kitchen Sink Salad, chock full of shrimp, salami, bacon, avocado, and hearts of palm. The rest of the menu is classic steakhouse fare with insane upgrades, such as shrimp cocktail with some of the biggest shrimp we’ve ever seen, lobster mac and cheese, and duck fat fries.