Other Mama quickly became the local darling when it opened a couple of years ago, and part of the allure was that its innovative chef, Dan Krohmer, had never even cooked in town before. Unlike the handful of other Strip-chefs-turned-locals-favorites, Krohmer was an alum of the original Morimoto in Philly before making his mark in Vegas on his own. But boy, he made a great first impression. The Japanese-influenced menu features a lot from the raw bar, such as fresh crudo of amberjack accented with ponzu salsa, or a crazy good spicy tuna tartare served with a clever vehicle of waffle fries. He tops his deviled eggs with fried oysters, and masters comfort food like kimchi fried rice loaded up with pork belly and fried egg. The cocktail program is worth the trip alone, and bellying up to the bar for a few well-prepared drinks paired with a small plate or two is a common practice. His neighborhood eatery has become one of the cool, low-key spots hardcore local food lovers will actually drive across town for, which should be a big indicator that you should, too.