The French theme goes into overdrive at this buffet modeled after a countryside village, complete with faux outdoor patio seating and a painted sky on the ceiling above. The food is served at stations hailing the five regions of France, offering recognizable dishes, like charcuterie and pate, a hearty onion soup, and even an ambitious bouillabaisse. As good as you’d find in Provence? Maybe not, but it’s still flavorful and often teeming with seafood. Classics like custom-made crepes are hugely popular, as are desserts like macarons and crème brûlée, because, hey, if you’re faking France, you should at least get the pastries right. There are of course, American options here, like prime rib and snow crab legs, but we like the touches of truffles on the mac and cheese to remind us of why we’re really here. Even after all these years, this is still one of the most popular buffets in town, so on weekends long lines are de rigeur.