The restaurant on the second floor of the Lucky Dragon hasn’t reinvented the wheel when it comes to Chinese cuisine, but rather it has taken the dishes its mostly Asian clientele love to sustain themselves on while gambling, and just does those dishes really well. Five Guys xiao long bao isn’t in homage to the burger joint, but a collection of five juicy soup dumplings all with skins of varying colors, dyed with natural ingredients. Inside is what counts, where you find extravagant fillers such as black truffle in the black squid ink dough or crab roe tucked into the yellow, turmeric-tinged one. Dumplings as a whole are masterfully done, from the delicate shrimp har gow in a translucent wrapper to the meaty shumai topped with pearls of more crab roe. Taste your way through all of them at dim sum during the day. A live seafood tank showcases a variety of seafood that may strike your fancy, while more authentic dishes such as the cumin-heavy XianJiang-style lamb will entice more adventurous diners. And in order to convey even more prosperity, all of the prices end in .88, the luckiest number in Asian numerology. Hey, I’ll take any edge over the house I can get.