When high rollers jet in from Asia, this is usually the first place they head for a meal. In fact, the vast majority of the clientele is from that corner of the globe, because it’s nearly impossible to find Chinese fare this authentic elsewhere in Las Vegas. A lot of the menu is Cantonese fare—noodle soups, barbecue meats, roasted duck, and clay pots stuffed with rice and other meaty bits—but other regions are represented as well. One of our favorite times to go is for dim sum brunch, when the steam carts piled high with bamboo and metal containers are pushed around the room. The caliber of dim sum here is close to what I’ve eaten in Hong Kong, especially the fresh har gow, shrimp dumplings with translucent wrappers, the long rolls of rice noodles, and the dense, steamed meatballs with cilantro. It’s also a popular late night dining spot.