How authentic is this Irish pub? It was imported piece by piece from West Cork in Ireland, along with a number of servers and bartenders (you can’t fake a brogue that thick) who’ve lucked out on a great work exchange program. The Guinness flows freely—not to mention properly, and at the right temperature—to accompany traditional Irish pub fare like bangers and mash, fish and chips and shepherd’s pie. The menu also encompasses contemporary Irish-fusion cuisine, like the potato cake starter that’s topped with sour cream and balsamic oil, and a fantastic meatloaf made with pork, veal, and beef, and served with Guinness ketchup, cheddar, and onion rings. Take a tour of the space, it looks narrow from the front but goes much deeper than you expect, to include three more bars—one Victorian-themed bar watched over by a 500-pound statue of St. Patrick, a Whiskey room, and a live music venue which hosts bands direct from, where else, Ireland.