The original Rao’s in Harlem, New York City is purportedly the hardest reservation in the world to get. With only 13 tables, all of which are claimed with standing reservations, you’ve got to know somebody who knows somebody to eat there. When Rao’s finally decided to expand to Las Vegas, lovers of their classic Southern Italian cuisine rejoiced. The Caesars Palace outpost is an exact replica of the original, complete with Christmas decorations hung up over the bar year-round, portraits of celebrities who have joined them for dinner all along the walls, and the working Wurlitzer jukebox, except this space has the good fortune of having an outdoor patio and being three times the size. The food is essentially the same as it has been for decades, and no one would want that to change. The meatballs are the thing here, made from “Aunt Anna” Rao’s original recipe of pork, beef, and veal, tender and swimming in tangy marinara sauce. Uncle Vincent’s Lemon Chicken, with the right amount of char on the skin to soak up the tart lemon vinaigrette, is mandatory as well. The seafood salad, chock full of calamari, shrimp, crab, and lobster, is tossed in an acidic citronette dressing so bright, we contemplated drinking it right from the plate. For dessert, the tiramisu is one of the booziest in the city.