As the first West Coast outpost of the New York burger institution, Shake Shack opened up with great fanfare outside, appropriately enough, New York-New York Hotel and Casino. At heart, it’s a simple burger joint, but the lines snaking out the door suggest that it’s more than that. All the Angus beef burgers are cooked to medium, and if you get the most-plain iteration, it would simply be tucked into the soft brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and their secret Shack Sauce. And in a town when you can get a burger topped with foie gras and truffles and a side of Chateau Petrus, sometimes all you want is a plain, but really good, burger. For those already indoctrinated into the Shake Shack menu, there are a couple of only-in-Vegas bites that might interest you, like the ShackMeister burger, topped with ale-marinated onion rings, cheese, and Shack Sauce, along with the Shack-a-palooza, a sundae monstrosity with three scoops of each frozen custard flavor, made to be split between four to six people, or just two if you’re feeling especially gluttonous.