As the name suggests, this restaurant is an homage to Ol’ Blue Eyes, with giant portraits of him on the wall, and other memorabilia, like his Grammy and his Academy Award for his role in From Here to Eternity. The man behind the menu, Theo Schoenegger, was a longtime personal chef for the singer, so he is acutely familiar with what he liked to eat. (Interestingly, Sinatra himself was an avid home cook. He’d often toil all day on Sundays for a large family dinner, offering dishes like the ones you’d find here.) The fare is homey, with dishes like veal Milanese (crusted and pan-fried, topped with arugula), and simple pastas like fusilli with tomato sauce, taking center stage. Should you want to eat “his way,” Frank’s personal favorites were spaghetti and clams in a fragrant tomato broth, and ossobuco with creamy risotto Milanese. The soundtrack here, as you’d expect, comes exclusively from the crooner’s catalog, but with contemporary covers here and there; you can even purchase a CD of the piped-in music.