A quick Uber ride down Spring Mountain Road brings you to the latest dining darling that has both visitors and locals vying for a table. The sleek, but intimate restaurant has earned itself a reputation as not only one of the hottest restaurants in town, but also as the newest after-hours clubhouse for the restaurant industry elite. Go late enough and you may find yourself rubbing elbows and sipping a cocktail next to chefs who have just finished their own shifts on the Strip. Chef Brian Howard's almost manic menu straddles varying cuisines that have influenced his culinary style. Chinatown Clams Casino sports Chinese sausage with uni hollandaise in homage to the classic Vegas dish, plus the restaurant's neighborhood. Beef cheek and bone marrow dumplings offer an elevated taste of Howard’s Midwestern roots. There are even a few dishes that elicit a WTF?, but in a good way. Like the foie-filled rocher—yes, like the chocolate and hazelnut bon bon—makes you wonder why no one else has made this before. The cuisine may come across as complicated if words like “salted plum crème fraîche” or “barbecue salsify” don’t excite you, but I assure you the dishes are as approachable as they are surprising.