Tucked away into the mezzanine of Planet Hollywood, Strip House is dark and definitely romantic, though the low lighting isn’t the only thing contributing to the intimate atmosphere. The red-flocked walls are dressed with vintage burlesque and borderline naughty photos of barely clad girls (by today’s standards, they seem downright tame). Talk your way into one of the corner booths so you have a view of the rest of the room; the close seating allows you and your dining companion to whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears. The meat program is concise, offering favorite cuts like a New York Strip and dry-aged rib eyes, all served with a bulb of roasted garlic so mild it won’t put a damper on your evening. A side of potatoes crisped up in goose fat is small, but packed with flavor and crunch, while creamed spinach offers a hint of black truffles. And if chocolate is your aphrodisiac, the towering 24-layer chocolate cake should be your sweet finish.