As the oldest freestanding bar in Las Vegas, Atomic Liquors has managed to keep itself relevant for more than 70 years, and that means going with the ebbs and flows of Downtown. Now that the area is on the upswing, it seemed like the perfect time to add a restaurant. But just because the bar is from 1945 doesn't mean the restaurant had to be. Salty little nibbles such as roasted nuts and pickles whet your appetite, but those more adventurous might love curried cauliflower hush puppies, or Nashville-inspired hot fried chicken hearts, all of which are ideal for one of their many craft beers on tap. A series of starters could be combined to make a meal, so don't miss roasted carrots glazed with an earthy, spicy harissa and paired with a silky coriander creme, or a lush beef tartare from a tri-tip cut dressed with a farm egg and wedge fries. There's a perfectly good burger on the menu, but I'm a bigger fan of the tri-tip sandwich, a nod to the Central California coast style of barbecue (that's where the chef is from). You'll find even more California influences on the weekend brunch menu, such as a breakfast burrito laden with tri-tip and scrambled eggs. It's the perfect time of the week to sit on their patio and soak in the sun. The restaurant has a separate entrance from the bar itself, but it's become commonplace to start your evening at the Kitchen and ending up at the bar for (more) drinks after.