Despite the unimaginative name, this mainstay at Circus Circus is one of the most underrated steakhouses on the Strip. Open for more than 3 decades, this place is about as retro as they come—no renovations here, we’re guessing. Probably the only difference between now and when this place opened is that you can’t smoke in the dim dining room anymore. As you enter, you’re greeted by the dry-aging lockers, where you can peer into the windows to see big hunks of meat aging, creating intensely flavored beef. While many steakhouses on the Strip have a wide variety of options as far as appetizers, starters, and accouterment—at this classic spot you don’t have to make many decisions. You pick your cut of meat, how you want it prepared on the mesquite grill, and you get a choice of potato, and soup or salad. If you feel like you’ll want more, there are other starters available, like the hearty French onion soup, or the shellfish tower. The prices, unfortunately, didn’t stay in the ’70s, but dropping around $100 on a full steak dinner for two is one of the best deals you’ll find on the Strip these days.