Out of the two restaurants of chef Todd English’s on the Strip (the other being his Mediterranean-inspired Olives at Bellagio up the Strip), we like this one better because, for some time now, it’s felt like English has forgotten about Olives, and therefore we have too. Absent chef notwithstanding, the pub is still a fine place to eat, drink, watch sports and, overall, be merry. The menu is a mix between classic English pub fare (bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, fish and chips) and American bar food (brown butter lobster rolls, grilled bologna sandwiches, fried chicken and waffles), that are complemented by a fantastic beverage program. The beer list alone is worth the trip, with selections from all of the great beer-producing regions in the world, and more obscure ciders and sours. When’s the last time you saw bona fide mead on a beer list? Speaking of beers, there is one challenge that you can face here, but it’s a good one. The Pub’s 7-Second Challenge dares you to pound a beer in seven seconds or less, and it’s free. (Not that we would endorse binge drinking, but here’s a pro-tip: Don’t pick a really fizzy beer).