When Cosmopolitan opened this buffet, they set into motion a revolution that many other buffets would follow. Modeled after food halls you’d find in Asia, Wicked Spoon began the trend of offering guests individual portions of dishes like eggs Benedict and short rib pasta in ramekins and small pots rather than just placed in a steam tray on the line. It allows for better turnover of the dishes, ensuring that whatever is out there is as fresh as possible. Gathering all these individual dishes on one plate can be challenging, but it also makes you very aware of just how much food you’re eating, so they cut down on waste as well. Among the dishes are foodie-oriented finds like roasted bone marrow at dinner, and mac and cheese studded with ham hocks and truffled potato gratin. The selection of desserts has been lauded as some of the best in the city, all in mini sizes so you can get a little bite of everything without going into a coma after. While all the other restaurants in the resort are in the East tower, this (along with Rose.Rabbit.Lie) is tucked into the West tower on the second floor. If you want to take the buffet back to your room, there's also an express takeout option for $20.