Bottom line: It’s darn nice to stuff your faces in such lovely surroundings. Arched ceilings allow natural light to stream into the atrium, where pots and pots of flowers and plants give vibrant life to the otherwise neutrally colored decor. And for a mass-eating experience, much attention is paid to individual guest’s needs. There are 15 live action stations here, some of which allow guests to interact with chefs, like at the carving station, where they slice off your specific choice of prime rib or sausage. Some are self-service, but still swanky, like the pre-portioned salad station, where the greens are served in glasses that evoke the mason jar salad-craze that was going around a couple of years ago. Many of the bites feature premium ingredients like Wagyu beef and veal short ribs (does that justify the elevated prices? You’ll have to decide). Desserts are a high point here, whether you choose made-to-order crepes, bon bons, excellent gelato . . . or all of the above.