108 miles E of Everett, 22 miles W of Wenatchee, 58 miles SW of Chelan

You're out for a Sunday drive through the mountains, just enjoying the views, when you come around a bend and find yourself in the Bavarian Alps. Folks in lederhosen and dirndls dance in the streets, a polka band plays the old oompah-pah, and the buildings look like alpine chalets. Have you entered the Twilight Zone? No, it's just Leavenworth, Washington's Bavarian village.

Many an unsuspecting traveler has had this experience, but this section will help you be prepared for the sight of a Bavarian village transported to the middle of the Washington Cascades. Whether you think it's the most romantic town in the state, a great place to go shopping, the perfect base for hiking and skiing, or just another example of ├╝ber-kitsch, there's no denying that Leavenworth makes an impression.