Ask the sacristan to show you the cathedral's priceless treasures. These include a white marble-and-oak pulpit and the 13th-century polychrome Madonna and Child by the high altar. The Trésor (Treasury) in the cloisters (rue Bonne Fortune 6) holds a small but exquisite collection that includes a gold reliquary that was Burgundian Duke Charles the Bold's gift of "penance" after he wiped out the city and every able-bodied man in it in 1468. This masterpiece, the work of Charles's court jeweler, shows a repentant duke kneeling as St. George looks on (there's no word about whether the surviving populace were satisfied with this gesture). Nearby, a bas-relief depicting the Crucifixion is said to contain a piece of the True Cross. Equally impressive is the reliquary of St. Lambert, which dates from the early 1500s and holds the saint's skull.