The Bay House is one of a rare handful of fine-dining restaurants on the Oregon coast—by which I mean white linens on the table, impeccable service, outstanding cuisine beautifully presented, and a worldly selection of fine wines (2,000 bottles!) to pair with your food choices. It’s been around since 1937, with various owners and chefs, and now it’s expanded to include a nice cocktail lounge and wine bar in addition to its glass-fronted dining room with an eye-popping view of Siletz Bay and the Salishan Spit. So if you are going to be staying on the Central Oregon coast, anywhere from Lincoln City to Depoe Bay, and you want a special dining experience, this is the place. You might want to start with some smoked-salmon ravioli, or Medjool dates (currently on the menu of every upscale restaurant in the Northwest) with bleu cheese and citrus-arugula salad. There are typically four entrees on the menu: fish or seafood, beef, duck or game bird, and vegetarian.