Poet, politician, and breaker of sexual taboos, Natália Correia was a legendary figure in Portuguese intellectual society and this place was her headquarters. Opened by Correia in 1968, it was a legendary hangout for artists and writers until her death in 1993. It reopened in 2010 and quickly re-established itself as a bohemian haunt with its clutter of artifacts and bookshelves filled with arty paperbacks. Smokey and small—there are just 12 tables, but it does spill over onto the pavement in summer—O Botequim is a place for conspiratorial encounters over a shot of tequila or a powerful bica coffee. It would be a shame not to try the selection of Portuguese liqueurs—fig, cherry, or carob—or original cocktails like one that translates as "suddenly in summer" and blends port wine, lemonade, and mint. There are snacks like salt cod and sweet potato pie, or flame-roasted chouriço, and a musical selection that ranges from afro-jazz to classical Portuguese guitar via Creedence Clearwater Revival. The bar is located in a beautiful tile-clad apartment block in the Graça neighborhood at the end of the famed eléctrico 28 street car line. Just a few steps away is the breathtaking panoramic viewpoint in front of Graça's baroque convent. Watching the sun go down over the city from up there, followed by a long glass of sangria or passion-fruit punch at O Botequim, could just be the perfect way to end your day or start your night.