If you need to save money, what a fantastic find! Almost always reliable for a value-priced bed in the middle of the action, the Assembly is a well-designed hotel secret you won't want to share. Rooms are wee, to be sure, but they're modern (blonde wood, charcoal carpet, and subway-like tile in their little bathrooms) and clean, and because the Assembly is in a tower practically on top of the National Portrait Gallery, many of them have sublime views of the city. You won't get a phone, a desk, or even a lobby to speak of, but you do really need those? To compensate for the lack of TVs, the Wi-Fi is perfect, whip-quick, and free. You do get air conditioning and a hip rooftop bar/restaurant with a splendid east- and south-facing panorama that you won't find at luxury hotels five times the price—you'll look forward to breakfast every day. The evening pursuits of the West End are at your feet, no commute required. Really, this is a crash pad extraordinaire—uncommonly affordable for this part of town and ideal for those who don't need frills or extra amenities but refuse to skimp on quality or style. Lower-priced rooms sleep 2, and the very cheapest ("Snug") may not have a window, so pay another £20 to bump up to "Nest" for a window and 30% more space. The largest room, "Den," is almost three times the size of the smallest ones but cost about £60 more. Book direct for 5% off.