In a bleak beige building that could be the HQ of an insurance company, you'll find American-style rooms that are both standard and relatively spacious, a prospect that appeals to some people, but the flip side is they don’t say much about an authentic London experience. The flow of in-and-out short-term visitors is so great that often, the bell desk is swamped with left luggage it doesn't have enough space to store. The staff tries to keep up with the grind, and they may not catch problems on their own but will do their best to address them if you bring them to their attention. Mostly, you choose this place because you want the familiarity of a coporate formula or you're using loyalty points; the proximity of Victoria Station across the street is also useful for training to Gatwick and Hampton Court as well as connection to three crucial Tube lines. Extra fee alert: Wi-Fi costs more than £10 a day unless you have high-level priority with Starwood.