Prefabricated room units differ only in how little space you’re given (the smallest are 6 sq. m/65 sq. ft., space only for a bed and a shallow breath), with rarely an inch of space between mattress and wall. No phone, no hair dryer, no frills at all. Bathrooms are just plastic cubicles combining a shower, toilet, and sink in one wet closet. The cheapest rooms don’t even have windows, and you cannot change the thermostat. Want to watch TV? You’ll pay £5 for 24 hours. Wi-Fi is £10 a day. I find the no-nonsense atmosphere mercenary and horrid, but some visitors say this is how you do London ultra-cheaply while avoiding hostels. Reservations typically cost £40 for double rooms if you book 6 months ahead, and £80 to £110 if you procrastinate.