This luxury newcomer (2017) is ideal for sinking deep into your bed and vanishing into the sanctum of your room—most don’t have views, after all, despite the seminal location overlooking the Tower of London, so when you’re here, you feel indulgently removed from the City. Your personal space, bathroom included, is massive because this used to be a civil office building (the conversion created such a maze that even you will have a hard time finding your door), clad in the finest materials and swaddled with softness because, after all, this is the Four Seasons. Add to that the prestigious La Dame de Pic, a highly rated experimental French restaurant, and you’ve got a super-luxe escape that’sso removed from tourist clatter—the neighborhood virtually shuts down after dark and on weekends—that it creates its own world. For that reason, and for that Four Seasons-level tariff, this is a good honeymoon choice.