Sleek, cannily designed rooms (just 11.4 sq. m/123 sq. ft.) are tight as airlocks, packing in a platform bed for two with storage underneath, a bright and clean-lined shower/toilet module, well-located power outlets and USB charging ports, a fold-down desk, and a lime green chair. The staff won’t do much for you, but using an app, you can dim or extinguish the lights, watch TV (all movies are free—the Wi-Fi is mercury-fast, too), or turn on the “do not disturb” light. Downsides: You may not get a mobile phone signal and you won’t be able to look out a window, but the location is unmatched and there’s a cafe for breakfast (under £10). Deservedly, the best rates sell out months in advance—book online only. My favorite location: Covent Garden.