This old office building has been tarted up with brassy colors and a cluttered exterior mural, which the neighbors must hate, but inside, the theme is spacious and virtually Scandinavian, with open wood floors, unadorned paneling, smart slide-out makeup desks and workspaces, and fresh tea leaves for your cuppa. Rooms on the main road have killer views of St Pancras and the plaza in front of King’s Cross (no. 504, a corner, is the best for that), but if traffic noise irritates you, go for one facing the other way (no. 508, with a small balcony, picturesquely peeks over the pipe chimneys of nearby townhouses). If you’re traveling with a platonic companion, ask for a room in which your bathroom isn’t encased in glass walls; some are, some aren’t. It has hiked its prices recently. Don’t pay more than £250 for this place.