Staying here, on the 36th to 52nd floors of a glass-sheathed skyscraper, means that your room will be encased with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city. You’re a bird singing in a gleaming cage. When you take a bath (in your marble-coated washroom with heated floors), you may feel as if you’re flying over the Tower of London, and when you swim in the horizon pool in the sky above St Paul’s, the vista is so surreal that you may wonder if it’s all a dream. Such glassy nirvana comes with Zen interiors to match: clean-lined, simple, and inflected by the Asian culture from which the Shangri-La brand hails (for example, in-room amenities might be stored in a bento-style box). Rates are sky-high, but literally so are therooms, and a non-stop view is worth a little extra, don’t you think?