It’s called Hoxton because that’s where this boutique hipster hotel brand began (the original is listed here). This one is newer (2014), busier, and,  delightfully, it’s also a few minutes’ walk south of the British Museum, in the middle of it all. There’s a restaurant, a bar, and a too-cool-for-school beauty salon. Some find it off-puttingly millennial: The lobby is always packed with Wi-Fi spongers (good luck finding a seat as a paying guest). You get a smallish, winkingly antique-styled room with a double bed, fun throwback touches like wooden desks, vintage-looking music players, a chubby duvet, and an hour’s worth of free calls every day. The bathroom is less smart; tiled showers are faux-Victorian but don’t have doors. Continental breakfast is delivered in a bag. Every room is a good value—that’s the point—but they all have the same amenities no matter the size, so why not go for the cheapest, the 129-sq.-ft. “Shoebox”? Deals tend to be good in advance.