The Resident (which used to be known as the Nadler) gets moderate lodging right by providing style without pretension or henpecking guests with fees. Quiet, high-design rooms (in a custom-made building) are compact but nonetheless kitted out with twists such as wide beds, mini-kitchens with a third tap for filtered water, a microwave, big glassy bathrooms with rain showers, plenty of power outlets plus a loaner plug adapter, and flatscreen TVs that let you do everything—read the latest newspapers, listen to a free music library, even stream content. Deluxe rooms, at the top of the middle-rate scale, sleep up to four. There’s no restaurant (breakfast can be delivered at any time at prices that aren’t marked up), but all of Soho is teeming right outside your door. It was something to sing about when it only charged £140, but success has tempted it to hike prices. It’s still a strong, well-run choice in the central West End. There are sister properties in Victoria and Kensington, but if you like the buzzy evening vibe of this Soho location, The Resident Covent Garden is a good second choice, even though that one is in an older building.