London’s only outpost of Starwood’s self-consciously cool W brand looks like a great glass marshmallow plopped rudely beside Leicester Square, and it’s marked for effortful but fun preening (crowd-control ropes appear at the entrance at night—whether they’re needed or not—and guests can order a record player and vinyl LPs to their rooms—but who actually does that?), so it attracts an aspirational crowd. Standard (“Wonderful”) rooms are odd—a central bar contains both bathroom sink and desk, walls are hung with silvery curtains instead of art, the shower and WC are concealed behind mirrored doors (lots of mirrors in this place, including hundreds of disco balls), and your view of London outside is partially obscured by a dotted glass curtain. The conceits are fun and the hotel’s well situated for midnight Soho romps (though rooms are remarkably well insulated from the raucousness outside).