Once renowned for their literary prowess and symbolic subterfuge in hinting at their sexuality, London’s homosexuals have allowed their wit to become somewhat less nimble. The unimaginatively named G-A-Y is about partying, cruising, and dancing. The main event is the Saturday night club. No other dance club in Europe, gay or straight, comes close to attracting such a pantheon of legendary live performances: Kylie, the Spice Girls, Cyndi Lauper, Bjork, and of course, Madge, all performed here at the height of their fame, and some have been known to drop by unannounced to collect laurels from 2,000 chipper young things. Every night, G-A-Y also runs a bubblegum-light pre-show hangout, G-A-Y Bar where a young, twink crowd steeps in cheery Europop, and watches videos on the plasma screens. And you can imagine the vibe at its G-A-Y Late venue, which goes until 3am.