The city’s most famous bakery, Jewish or otherwise, never closes but there’s often a line. The queue moves quickly here even if time doesn’t—signs still post an area code that hasn’t been active since 2000. The patronage is a microcosm of London, ranging from bikers to hipsters to arrogant yuppies to the homeless. Its beigels (bi-gulls) are not as puffy or as salty as the New York “bagel” variety, and they even come filled for under £2—the same price, astonishingly, as a half-dozen plain ones. Its pastries are gorgeous, too: The chocolate fudge brownie, less than £1, could be nursed for hours. Watching the clerks slice juicy chunks of pink salt beef in the window, then slather it onto a beigel with nostril-clearing mustard from a crusty jar, is an attraction unto itself. Londoners complain it’s gotten touristy, but what tourist trap serves tea for just 60p, I ask you?