This restaurant is helmed by one of the world's great chefs, Heston Blumenthal of the Fat Duck in Bray. The dining room looks over Hyde Park on one side and into an open kitchen on the other (look into the chef's table if that interests you). The decor is fine, but it's the food that is the star here. The dishes are based on Britain's culinary past so years are listed on the menu, from savory oatmeal (ca. 1660) and broth of lamb (ca. 1730) to powdered duck (ca. 1670) and beef royal (ca. 1720). Finish with a sublime dessert—tipsy cake from 1810 perhaps? Don't worry; this is an extremely serious, profoundly satisfying rerendering of historic recipes with modern cooking and techniques. Take meat fruit (ca. 1500), which looks exactly like a tangerine until you cut through the mandarin jelly to a perfect chicken liver parfait. Dinner comes at a price and wine is expensive. This is a unique experience in a crowded luxury marketplace.