For a mere £10, you get an absolutely perfect 200g steak or steakburger, a cup of salad, a serving of beef-dripping popcorn, and on the way out the door, a cone of caramel ice cream topped with shavings from a block of dark chocolate. No wonder there’s a queue at peak hours. The menu is focused—no chicken, no pork, and sorry, vegetarians—plus good cocktails and well-suited side dishes. Specializing makes the cooking expert and the juicy meat is over-the-top delicious. The beef comes from a herd of cows in Yorkshire “cared for by third-generation beef farmer Charles Ashbridge,” and each week, 7 tons of it are served at Flat Iron’s several locations (others include 9 Denmark St., off Tottenham Court Rd., and 17 Beak St., off Carnaby St.). This version by Covent Garden is the best for killing time before your table is ready.