They say this was the Duke of Wellington’s local bar and the unofficial clubhouse for his regiment, hence the battlefield artifacts on display; they also say someone was beaten to death here for cheating at cards, hence the routine ghost sightings. This tiny plank-floored, currency-festooned pub/restaurant, pretty as a picture in a cobbled mews, comes off like a boozer in some upcountry village, with only 15 places at its pewter-topped island bar. Once a haunt for servants of the surrounding townhouses, clientele these days skews toward an international mix of students and businessmen. The pub is also said to be known for its Bloody Marys (I think they’re overrated). To find it, head down Grosvenor Crescent from Hyde Park Corner station, hang a hard right just before Belgrave Square onto Wilton Crescent, and take your first right onto Wilton Row.