It’s too bad that Gordon Ramsay, the blustery celebrity chef, has cultivated an international aversion to his surly attitude, because it means people sometimes avoid the pleasant boathouse-style dining experience tucked in a pretty inlet on the north bank of the Thames east of the City. Here, in a skylit restaurant area with floor-to-ceiling conservatory window views, his must-be-henpecked minions deliver delicious, uncluttered British dishes and elevated pub fare (seasonal veg, fish, steaks, Cumberland sausage, sticky toffee pudding) with the near-religious emphasis on high-quality ingredients Ramsay has berated many over. The cozy bar area (no reservations, open fire in winter) also serves small snacks. Because of its culinary care, a location worth seeing, and the chance to taste food overseen by an international talent, this is a top value. Reservations recommended.