Two patrician houses portray prosperous Lübeck life in a suites of rooms furnished and decorated in the styles of different periods, from lavish Rococo to restrained neoclassical. On the walls of adjoining galleries is an outstanding collection of 19th- and 20th-century paintings; those by Edward Munch, who lived and worked in Lübeck, get the spotlight, though many of the German Romantic and Impressionist works are outstanding; look for the colorful painting of Lübeck’s St. Jacobkirch by Austrian artist Oskar Kokoshka (1886–1980) who also lived and worked in Lübeck briefly. “Self Portrait with Family” (1820), by Lübeck native Johan Friedrich Overbeck eerily evokes a Renaissance painting of the Holy Family; it’s one of several works by like-minded artists who left Germany to lead a life of virtue and nobility in Rome, taking their artistic inspiration from the Renaissance masters.