The Old Swiss House, a landmark half-timbered building dating from 1858 and located a stone's throw from the city's Lion Monument, attracts tour groups galore with a mix of fine European cuisine and a sense of occasion (the staff is attired in traditional local dress). It's something of a must-visit for many, and standards have remained high over the years, thanks to the consistent management of the Buholzer family, members of which have run the restaurant since 1931. The 40,000-strong wine cellar and dishes such as Zurich-style veal in a cream sauce served with rösti should be enough for most diners, but the interior decorations that hark back to the 17th century (think hand-carved wall panels, solid oak doors, brightly polished silverware, oil paintings, stained-glass windows, and a porcelain-tiled stove) do their best to distract. If you're out to impress and be impressed, order the justifiably famous Wiener schnitzel, prepared and cooked at your table with practiced skill and flair. Reservations essential.