Félix Lope de Vega may have been a more complex and fascinating character than any that he invented in his plays. He purchased this house in 1610 when he was already an established playwright and lived here—close to the theaters of his day—for the last 25 years of his life. Suspend your disbelief and you may be able to get a sense of the daily life of the author, husband, father, and notorious womanizer who became a priest at age 50. The three-story house is an imagined historic restoration, but the furnishings reflect the contents listed in Lope de Vega’s will. It’s a good chance to see how a well-off figure lived in Habsburg Madrid. Based on his own writings, he was particularly fond of his little walled garden. The most telling details are the low, Moroccan-style furnishings in the women’s gathering room and the window in his bedroom that overlooks his in-house chapel. All tours are guided and you’re supposed to book in advance, although we’ve walked in off the street during slow seasons. To guarantee a tour in English, book 2 days ahead.