On the second weekend of every month, this market for crafts, food, and
vintage items takes over the Museo del Ferrocarril railway museum next to Delicias Metro station, south of the city
center. Inside, gourmet food stalls and creative jewelry and clothes designers rub up against old steam engines and
carriages. Outside, there is plenty of good bric-a-brac—vintage telephones, pop-art lamps, antique beer bottles—
accompanied by street food trucks and a music stage. It is cool, friendly, and great fun—you’re more likely to find

something interesting and desirable here than you will at El Rastro, be it an antique stock certificate, a Guadarrama goat
cheese, or Spanish-made designer shoes. Sponsored by the beer company Mahou, there’s a resident DJ and enterprising
young people who will babysit your dog, and even your purchases.