You are unlikely to stumble across this fashion museum, located close to the Museo de América in Madrid’s university district, but if you are interested in the history of fine clothes, and especially in Spain’s famous designers like Balenciaga, it is well worth the trip. Set in a shiny, purpose-built 1970s building, the museum has dimly lit galleries to preserve the delicate fabrics, and fittingly, its displays resemble high-end shop windows. It holds a huge collection, dating from the 16th century through to contemporary designers, and highlights throughout the love of formality and finery you’ll still see on the streets of Madrid. The 18th-century majismo style, famously captured in the paintings of Goya, was a craze for dressing up in exaggerated versions of traditional Spanish costume. Exhibits focusing on the influential 20th-century designer Cristóbal Balenciaga (1895–1972), are masterclasses in art, science, and gravity.