In addition to its bars and taverns, La Latina has plenty of historic residential buildings. Why not stay in one? This 18th-century stone-built palace has a studded front door so large you’re likely to walk past thinking it belongs to some august institution. Inside, the building has been converted into four designer apartments grouped around a central patio. It’s a lovely mix of old and new: exposed stone walls and ancient beams combined with open-plan concrete and girders. The walls are decorated with contemporary art and some well-chosen antique knickknacks. The apartments come in different sizes, sleeping between two and eight people (at a push)—great value for families or groups of friends. Each has a small kitchen and dining space, and a basic breakfast is provided by the host, who will arrange to meet you with the keys. Perhaps best of all is the location, in a sleepy street just 2 minutes’ walk from the overflowing bars of Cava Baja.