With its aggressive marketing via social media, computer in each room, and eye-popping decor in fully saturated colors, it’s pretty clear that the JC Rooms group is geared to a young and plugged-in clientele. This new group has reinvented the old-fashioned rooming house as limited-service hotels with great prices. Management will add one or two extra beds per room for about 15€ per night each. It makes for tight quarters, but many groups of young friends don’t mind turning a hotel room into something more like a hostel dorm. It gets more interesting in the tight bathrooms with snazzy molded glass sinks and glass-partitioned shower where privacy is not an option. Rooms are themed to the autonomous regions and big cities of Spain, with wall-sized color photos to make you feel like you’re there. This iteration of JC Rooms was one of the first, and the location halfway between Puerta del Sol and Plaza Santa Ana is hard to beat. Mind you, it’s on the second floor (that’s third floor to North Americans) so schlepping luggage is not a lot of fun.