Set in an extensively refurbished building in Madrid’s poshest neighborhood, and open only since 2018, the Wipton hums with well-bred luxury and efficiency. The color scheme is straight out of a high-end catalogue—cornflower blue, pastel grays, and moleskin—with hints of vintage aviation. The mid-sized rooms are the last word in comfort: vast beds, dark paneling, and slightly distressed beams. Junior suites have ultra-modern freestanding baths. The service and level of pampering is deluxe: free bike rentals and portable Wi-Fi hotspots, complimentary early evening wine. Children and pets are welcomed. Given the level of comfort and the distinguished address, prices are surprisingly reasonable. Breakfast is excellent, but the menu at the adjoining restaurant, The Captain, is less successful: club sandwich–style international fare with a lot of fries. Overall though, the Wipton offers one of Madrid’s most comfortable nights—a great place to de-stress on a business trip or for a blow-out family shopping treat.