This family-run wine and cocktail bar in Chueca also does excellent food. The restaurant
décor is simple: blonde wood tables and comfortable chairs next to tall glass windows overlooking the street. Attentive
service is a key part of this place’s appeal, and it is best to allow the staff to talk you through the food and wine options.
Whatever else you order, don’t miss the plate of chunky chopped tomatoes to start. They come from the family farm,
and simply dressed with oil and a little salt, they taste wonderful. After that, there are lots of interesting and flavorful

options: oysters; a Korean
säam wrap of spicy pig’s ear; oxtail cannelloni cooked in Palo Cortado sherry; strong, aged
cheeses. You can choose reasonably priced half glasses of wine to accompany each new dish, or just ask your waiter to
suggest a good pairing. Word about Angelita has got around, and it fills up very quickly, so it is best to reserve.