Sandó is the ready-to-wear version of chef Juan Mari Arzak’s haute restaurant in San Sebastián. Of course, off-the-peg won’t have quite the hand-stitching and luxuriant fabric of the runway piece, but it has the style and panache. Dishes at Sandó represent some of the creations that Juan Mari and daughter Elena perfected in their laboratory; in classic Arzak style, they marry two seemingly incompatible flavors with great success, like white anchovies and sweet strawberries. You can try a tasting menu here for about a quarter the price of Arzak, and it will still include plates like foie gras ravioli with melon and spinach vinaigrette, or roasted monkfish and chorizo with a vegetable sauce sweetened with honey. Try a couple of inventive tapas plates and a beer for as little as 10€. Tip: Arzak also runs the bar at the Hotel Santo Domingo.