If you like food with wit and panache, you’ll love the flamboyant celebrity chef Abraham García. Self-taught, he came to Madrid as a teenager to look for work in its grand restaurants and met the film director Luis Buñuel, after whose 1961 film the restaurant is named. The look is bistro-casual, branded with García’s trademark trilby hat; the food is imaginative and delicious. The menu draws on traditional Spanish ingredients (for which García personally prowls the markets), married with international flavors. His curried lentils are served with red shrimp and sobresada, a soft chorizo sausage. The grilled pork loin is paired with gnocchi, plums, and smoky chipotle. Green tea panna cotta with papaya rounds things off. A multi-course tasting menu changes according to the market but will almost certainly include García’s sublime take on gazpacho. The gregarious chef also makes regular rounds of the tables.