Walt Disney liked creating one landmark for every land. He called it the “weenie” that drew people in. Tomorrowland’s weenie, and only 6 feet shorter than Cinderella Castle, is contained in that futuristic concrete-ribbed circus tent. Although it’s a relatively tame indoor toboggan steel coaster (the top speed is barely 29mph, and its biggest drop just 26 feet), the near-total darkness and tight turns give your 2 1/2-minute go-round a panache that makes it one of the park’s hotter tickets. Other worldwide versions are more thrilling, but there’s something endearing about an original. Strategy: The wait is indoors. There are two tracks; the left-hand coaster (Alpha) and the right-hand one (Omega) are mirror images of each other, so there’s no real difference except Alpha is 10 feet longer (you’d never notice—it happens on a curve). The front seat has the best view, even though there’s not much to see in the dark.