The Swiss who? You’re forgiven if you don’t know The Swiss Family Robinson (1960), a story about a shipwrecked clan that survives using salvage; you’re also forgiven if you lack the will to take 15 minutes to clamber up the 62 stairs and catwalks to inspect the ingenuity of their arboreal island home. It’s as if the Robinsons have just popped out for a coconut: A waterwheel system sends rain through a tangle of bamboo channels, fruit is on the dinner table, and someone’s bed is looking tempting. The tree is made of concrete and steel, and its 330,000 plastic leaves were attached by hand. Try doing this one at night, when you can enjoy the flicker of the lanterns and faint chatter of tourists far below. This attraction is the last of its breed—all the ones in other Disney parks have been Tarzan-ized.